The Whaleback Ridge Wind Farm is a complex project that involves many stages of development, from site selection and environmental studies to construction and operation. To give you an idea of our progress so far, we’ve put together a timeline that highlights key milestones and dates. This chart will give you a sense of the scale and scope of the project and show you how far we’ve come in our journey towards a more sustainable future.


2019 – initial consultation with government bodies, local community groups and project stakeholders.

2019 – baseline environmental assessments begin, including a range of environmental studies to inform the environmental impact assessments and approvals required for the project.

2023 – installation of four meteorological masts across the project site, with initial results confirming a world-class wind resource.

2023 – submission to the Tasmanian Government to have the Whaleback Ridge Renewable Energy Project declared a major project and to undergo a major project impact assessment.

2024 – Tasmanian Government declares its intention for the project to be assessed under the Major Projects Approvals pathway. The project enters a formal approvals process

This will be overseen by an independent panel convened by the Tasmanian Planning Commission. It is a transparent process that provides multiple opportunities for all stakeholders to provide feedback and comment.

2024- 25 – a range of assessments are expected to be required under the Major Projects Pathway and related approvals processes.

Community engagement and public feedback will be sought as the project progresses through the assessment and approval process.

2025 – tenders expected for release.

2026 – construction anticipated based on successful completion of approvals process.