3000 megawatts (3GW), in stages (288MW stage one), with modelling for 7.2 megawatt turbines undertaken to optimise wind and terrain.
Stage One of the project will see approximately 45 turbines commissioned. The full 3GW capability could see up to 400 turbines constructed.
The location is very remote with no residents expected to be impacted visually or by noise.
No. The site is in a regional reserve with previous disturbance from mineral exploration, with existing transmission line infrastructure and hydro-electric infrastructure. It does not require clearing of trees for any turbines and a wind farm is consistent with the reserve objective of ‘providing for the controlled use of natural resources’. WRE is cognisant to ensure cultural and natural values of the land are maintained.
Four years of studies highlight low utilisation of the site by threatened avifauna. Environmental surveys already completed confirm a low likelihood of impact on threatened species. neighbouring Granville Harbour recorded no eagle or parrot mortalities. The project will be ensuring migratory corridors are maintained.
The site features existing transmission lines and easements that can be used for direct connection to the grid for stage one of the project. Subsequent project stages propose to increase transmission capacity within the existing transmission easements.