Westcoast Renewable Energy

Westcoast Renewable Energy Pty Ltd (WRE) is a Tasmanian company based in the northwest town of Burnie. WRE believes we can’t keep talking about the threat of climate change, we must do something about it. The renewable energy industry can make a significant contribution to reaching goals that are critical to everyone’s future; decarbonisation of the global economy and reaching net zero carbon emissions, or in Tasmania’s case the opportunity to be climate positive. Along that path there is also great opportunity for Tasmanians through the creation of skilled jobs, re-vitalised towns and benefit sharing with the community. 

At the same time, we need to be practical and pragmatic. As locals, WRE are focussed on locations and sustainable projects that minimise environmental impact as much as possible and ultimately make a net positive contribution to the global challenge of climate change.

Harness the resource

Tasmania has an incredible natural advantage with arguably the best wind resource in the world.

Independent studies undertaken over the past four years have confirmed the suitability of this location, including:

  • An area of land with existing disturbances that requires no clearing of trees for the turbine locations
  • Existing transmission lines and easements that can be used for direct connection to the grid
  • Remote location with no residents expected to be impacted visually or by noise
  • Low utilisation of the site by threatened avifauna. Environmental surveys already completed confirm a low likelihood of impact on threatened species
  • Adjacent to existing road networks and other infrastructure
  • Land designated as regional reserve. A wind farm is consistent with the reserve objective of ‘providing for the controlled use of natural resources’

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