The company & project

Westcoast Renewable Energy Pty Ltd (WRE) is a Tasmanian company based in the northwest town of Burnie. The company ethos is we need to not just talk about the threat of climate change, but do something about it.

The company’s genesis goes back to 2006 when two West Coasters, farmer Royce Smith and entrepreneur Alex Simpson, came up with the idea of developing a wind farm on Royce’s land at Granville Harbour. While they knew little about the emerging renewable energy industry, they had a clear vision and bucketloads of determination.

Westcoast Wind Pty Ltd became the vehicle for the Granville Harbour Wind Farm. Along the way a strong team came together and, subsequent to reaching financial close on the project, the company was acquired by Palisade Partners in 2018.

The Granville Harbour Wind Farm completed construction in December 2020 and the added 112 MW of generation saw the State of Tasmania achieve the target of using 100% renewable electricity. The project brought investment and new jobs to the region and now operates as a top performing wind farm in Australia.

Having achieved this success, Westcoast Renewable Energy Pty Ltd was formed to look at new opportunities.

The Company has a strong connection with the west coast, including team members who were born and bred in the area, and who currently live on the west coast and in a number of the northwest towns of Tasmania. Through the experience of developing Granville Harbour Wind Farm, and ongoing development work, WRE has an extensive network covering technical, financial and social organisations that now extend from the local community, across Tasmania and more broadly to the renewables community across Australia and the globe.

Our Executive Team

The founders of WRE first came together as the original developers of the Granville Harbour Wind Farm. The success of that project has been the catalyst for the creation of the Whaleback Ridge development.  The team includes members with long-term connection to the west coast, who live in and are part of the community. As the team grows there is a collective desire to work on projects that can directly address the challenge of climate change and it’s impact locally, across Tasmania, Australia, and globally.

Alex Simpson

Executive Chairman

Alex was the co-founder of West Coast Wind and co-developer of the Granville Harbour Wind Farm. In addition to his military career, Alex has a wide range of corporate experience in executive roles, including in the energy sector. He has also been the Regional Manager for the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service based at Cradle Mountain, where he gained a unique perspective on the west coast environment. Alex lives on the west coast and is an active member of the community.

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Alan Morrell

Chief Executive

After an international career focused heavily on Asia, Alan joined the developers of the Granville Harbour Wind Farm. Having successfully reached FID on that project he took on his current role. Alan began his career in oil and gas in the North Sea and Middle East, but a shift to Asia saw him join the Australian Trade Commission where he had a number of senior roles including 6 years as Minister-Counsellor (Commercial) at the Australian Embassy in Beijing. Alan has worked with a number of ASX200 companies across multiple jurisdictions.